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Your Cheshire Lactation Consultant at The Olive Clinic

Are you searching for a Lactation Consultant for breast or bottle feeding support? Perhaps you’re looking for solutions to sleep or you need antenatal education sessions support for your family?

The Olive Clinic is beyond proud to have Nikki Mather, a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Doula with over 17 years’ experience supporting families with all types of infant feeding, pregnancy and birth support plus coaching through the postnatal period.

Family Health Clinic

Ways Our Warrington Lactation Consultant can support your family

With Nikki Mather at The Olive Clinic, we’re proud to provide counselling, family coaching, support and solutions to infant feeding challenges – from pregnancy, baby’s first year and beyond.

  • Discover more about birth & build Birth Plans tailored to your family
  • Dispel any myths and debrief any previous experiences
  • Learn about infant feeding and develop a plan to support your baby in their first year

As a Doula and experienced coach, Nikki can help you discover more about what will happen during birth and the hours afterwards, as you snuggle your new baby.

You will benefit from WhatsApp support during pregnancy to provide you with continuity for any questions you have, as well as pointing you towards reliable, evidence based research.

This workshop is ideal for families who wish to be better informed about their choices, what to expect when baby arrives, feeding positions and options around expressing or combination feeding.

• SOS sessions for latch, pumping and challenges like blocked ducts or mastitis
• Full feeding assessment including oral function and troubleshooting
• Longer term packages available for ongoing support

Experience consistent support for any breast or bottle feeding challenges with our Lactation Consultant services. Nikki has the experience and expertise to address challenges like latch issues, blocked ducts, or mastitis through her comprehensive sessions. As our in-house expert Nikki conducts a thorough feeding assessment, including oral function and troubleshooting for common feeding issues . Nikki can work alongside your family to guide you through a smooth and fulfilling feeding journey, ensuring both you and your baby thrive.

  • An intensive support package is split into 2 sessions
  • 7 day access to WhatsApp support
  • A plan of action is put in place for the challenges you and your baby have

Tackle challenges like reflux, colic, wind, and allergies with our intensive support package.

Benefit from two comprehensive sessions and a 7-day WhatsApp support window.

Nikki can help craft a strategic plan to address the specific issues you and your baby are facing.

The package includes a thorough initial consultation, followed by a dedicated follow-up session after one week, ensuring a tailored and effective approach to your unique circumstances and reflux experience.

  • Tailored assessments and feeding plans, aligning with your family’s preferences and addressing specific challenges.
  • Expert support for the weaning process onto solid foods and transitioning away from milk, ensuring a smooth and healthy progression for your older child.
  • Support through the milestones your family navigates as your baby develops.

Navigate milestones & transitions with confidence as your baby grows into a toddler.

Nikki provides guidance and support during the first 2 years and beyond and can help address any challenges that may arise.

From personalised assessments to crafting feeding plans, Nikki gently guides families through the intricacies of transitioning to solid foods and addressing developmental milestones, providing invaluable support for a thriving and happy child.

  • In-depth assessment of your current sleep challenges
  • Holistic approach including family & baby friendly resources
  • Options available to assess in the home environment

Unlock a more restful experience for your family with a 90-minute consultation and a 7-day remote support package.

Ideal for pre-booking during pregnancy or in the early weeks of parenting, this option delves into optimising sleep for all the family.

Through a comprehensive review of your baby’s current sleep, activity, and feeding patterns, you’ll gain valuable insights to foster better rest for both you and your little one.

There’s plenty more we can help with too, so if what you see isn’t here, give us a call and we can walk you through how we can help.

Meet Your Family Health Practitioner

Nikki Mather IBCLC

Being a mum of three older children, I understand the need for good support networks.

During the pregnancies and early months of my own children, I started researching exactly what pregnancy means to me and the physiology of birth – and that knowledge has been a super tool needed in any family’s parenting kit.

I was eager to learn more about what exactly it was that made our bodies so amazing and felt called to become a doula so I could support new families on their journey.

I believe families should have access to that one-to-one support, whether that is a family member, a friend, or a professional doula. And I would like all families to have the support, time, and encouragement to choose the right birth for them and make informed choices in the early weeks and months of parenthood.

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